Notary Services

We offer the most reliable and accurate Mobile Notary (Notary service at your location) available in the New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan area. With a scheduled appointment you are assured that your document will be notarized at the time and place most convenient to you. It is often inconvenient or impossible to get to a notary. We make visits to homes, offices, hospitals, and hotels; even to movie sets in Central Park! We go where we are needed. Notarization provides assurance that the signor of the document has shown valid photo ID to a notary. We check ID carefully prior to notarization, make appropriate logbook entries and affix our stamp and embossed seal. We verify or complete the notarization date and location, as notarized documents require the State and County where the notarization took place.

We are the Mobile Notary Service of choice for individuals and companies that operate out of New Jersey and New York. They choose us because we guarantee we arrive on time every time and represent them in front of their clients in a positive professional manner. One of the only services which offer multiple Notaries at all times we can, we can handle up to 50 assignments a day with back up coverage.


CEO’s and other Corporate Executive use our Mobile Notary Service on a regular basis. We arrive at their location, home, business or hotel ready to Notarize their important documents. We deal directly with the Executive’s assistant making sure that the CEO’s valuable time is used productively. We are often asked to print out agreements in advance of a notarization or scan them in when completed. We also ship document for Executive anywhere in the world or hand deliver upon request anywhere in the Tri State Area. Often times Executives prefer to use our service as opposed to in house Notaries to keep the contents of the agreements private. We also help to facilitate a Chinese Wall between the Executive and the Company by providing unbiased, independent Notary Services which employees of their firm might not be able to. Sensitive information regarding corporate strategies and future plans remain private with us. Always professionally dressed in proper business attire our clients have total comfort inviting us in to their homes or offices. Oftentimes agreements need to be discussed or modified before signing and our Notaries allocate extra time and are very patient letting the transaction take place at it’s own pace. We are always willing to sign a Non Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreement to ensure their piece of mind that their corporate concerns and private matters will remain private.

International Clients and Tourists

Often times tourists from out of town or from outside the country need to have documents Notarized in New Jersey. This can be due for many different reasons including a financial transaction consummated in New Jersey, their Attorneys or Financial Advisors are located in New Jersey or they are simply on vacation enjoying themselves. (deleted in the city) In any case, it is imperative for the documents to be Notarized correctly as the signing party is in New Jersey for a limited time and may not be available to resign in the event of a mistake.

If a signer is not from New Jersey but from the US we Notarize his/her document using a Notary Stamp and Notary Seal which meets the requirement of all 50 states. Our Notaries are instructed to make sure the Venue of the document is correct as to where it is signed. We also offer shipping services to send the document directly to the recipient or we can scan and email the document to the recipient.


Many documents in addition to being notarized, need the signatures to be witnessed as well. When we are asked to notarize documents requiring witnesses, we record each witness contact information and signature in a record book. We also upon request, make a copy of the ID of the witnesses so that the Signer can keep a copy on file for future reference. We also make sure that the attestation clauses for the witnesses are properly administered and recorded in the document.

Note: The information in this column is provided by the author, not New Jersey Mobile Notary Service. All answers are general in nature, not legal advice and not warrantied or guaranteed. Readers are cautioned not to rely on this information. Because laws change over time in different jurisdictions, it is imperative that you consult an attorney in your area regarding legal matters and an accountant regarding tax matters.

For your protection our notaries carry the official New Jersey State Commission – issued to authorized notaries. We also carry photo ID – our drivers’ licenses. In addition, we will provide our business card and a receipt if payment is in cash. As representatives of the New Jersey Department of Treasury we take our function very seriously.

Our company Mobile Notary Services, Inc. has designed an “educational document validation certifier” which is a device (35 pounds) that when used on educational documents gives the recipients the “peace of mind” knowing that the documents are authentic. Our patent pending technology imprints the required verbiage directly on the document itself as opposed to simply stapling a photocopied diploma or transcript to an accompanying letter issued and sign by the bursars or registrars representative.

Aside from the security features mentioned above, we have also gone through great lengths to ensure that the proper and legal required wording will be used on documents. Having consulted a law professional, the wording on our “validation certifier” is accepted and approved in New Jersey and all sixty-three counties of the State of New York.

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