Notary Services

Signing Agent

It is our belief that customer service and expertise are the main reasons a signing agent will receive repeat business.  The satisfaction of our clients is top priority.  It is our goal to provide a pleasant and professional experience for you and your customers.  This includes everything from booking an appointment, corresponding with the borrower and all parties involved. Completing the signing and returning the documents and invoicing the transaction.   Clients will have ample time to review and sign all documents in a stress- free atmosphere usually in the comfort and privacy of their own home or office.

We recognize the need to make a good impression on the borrower with a professional appearance, and that the signing appointment may be the only personal encounter the borrower has during the entire loan process. As far as clothing is concerned, a crisp, neat, business casual outfit (suit and tie) is our norm.

Our office is equipped with state of the art computers and phone systems. We have dependable printers that can handle the many documents in a loan signing package. They have dual tray capability with “auto-switching features” to change paper sizes automatically and prints on both legal and letter sized paper.  Fast printing speed while producing quality, clearly legible documents.  We also have a fax, scanner which an automatic document feeder to fax back copies of the loan document

Because we operate out of corporate offices, our closing staff handles all confirmation of appointments and printing of documents for our Mobile Closing Agents.  We also contact borrowers with a courtesy call in advance of our arriving.  Our post closing department reviews the documents to make sure everything was initialed, singed and notarized correctly.  We use a Signing Checklist (See Link)  We then contact the Title Company to let them know the singing was completed make arrangements to ship back the documents and invoice the transaction.  We then send the borrower confirmation that the paperwork was sent back, provide a tracking number and ask for a review of our service.

Signing Agent Checklist

Required Initials

All pages on the note must be initialed by the borrowers.

Any handwritten changes must be initialed by all parties.

Required Notarized Documents

Notarize Documents include:

Signature name affidavit, owner/borrower’s affidavit, Mortgage/Deed of Trust, Signature Affidavit, Owners Affidavit, Judgment Affidavit

Patriot Act- Must be completed with a copy of borrowers ID with document.

Required Signatures

All parties listed on the Deed of Trust must sign the document.

All parties listed on the Note must sign the document.

If property is in a trust, borrower must sign as an individual.

All attached Riders must be signed by all parties signing the document.

If AKA is listed on signature line, document must be signed exactly as they appear.

All parties listed on the Right to Cancel must sign and date the form.

Two copies of the Right to Cancel must be provided to each individual who signs the document

All parties listed on the Truth in Lending must sign and date the form.


Copies must be provided to each individual who sign’s document.

Verify Photo Identification and send copy of ID with Package

The notary acknowledgment page must be completed.

The date of signing must be written on the page and notary’s name printed below signature.

The notary stamp should not cover any words on the document, bleed through the document, or infringe upon the margins.

Print Notary’s name below all Notary signatures

Spouse/Vested Party – If this item is marked, ensure the spouse or vested party is ONLY signing the mortgage, Truth in Lending and Right to Cancel